Results for 2021

Raw Series Rides

Raw Series Results:
Age BracketGenderRiderPlaceRide Time
40-49FFarawila, Anne102:56:23
40-49MHanson, Steve102:30:58
40-49MSpivack, Ian202:38:40
40-49MWright, Adam302:46:56
40-49MSweet, Luke403:07:13
50-59MScrimsher, Rodney102:43:55
50-59MSwanger, Pete203:00:55
50-59MTreadway, Phil303:12:54
50-59MHohl, Ted403:15:07
60-69FStrycula, Diane103:57:28
60-69MBuchko, Garry103:05:49
60-69MAiroldi, John203:24:05
70+MPainter, Mark103:06:50
70+MGroendyke, Craig203:23:33
70+MCanaday, Steve303:49:45

Riders: 15
Raw Series Results: 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Note: Showing accumulated time for each rider that has completed two 5 mile, two 10 mile, a 40k, and two Hill Climb TT rides. Some years omitted due to variance in the season schedule.