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Raw Series Rides
Raw Series Results (all rides)

Raw Series Results: for released rides
Age BracketGenderRiderPlaceRide Time
30-39FComfort, Jennifer103:20:56
30-39FPainter, Molly203:48:59
30-39MDuarte, Jonathan103:40:17
40-49FSwanger, Leah104:48:48
40-49MTurpen, Greg102:53:33
40-49MBurke, John202:53:56
40-49MMcduffie, Steve303:07:42
40-49MAtencio, Brad403:41:08
50-59FSpangle, Diana103:26:16
50-59FAnderson, Kristin203:37:14
50-59FStrycula, Diane303:47:06
50-59FSolbrack, Missi403:50:51
50-59FMclean, Linda503:52:05
50-59FOwen, Wendy604:24:43
50-59FHanf, Diane704:30:48
50-59MSwanger, Pete103:06:49
50-59MAnderson, Steve203:13:10
50-59MMclean, Mark303:15:06
50-59MSturges, Mark403:17:41
50-59MPainter, David503:23:18
50-59MOwen, Tom603:36:46
50-59MSolbrack, Brad703:39:17
50-59MHale, Ron D803:46:02
50-59MLuchsinger, Randy903:48:40
60-69FPainter, Jimalee103:42:27
60-69MGroendyke, Craig103:10:38
60-69MPainter, Mark203:11:50
60-69MKoenigs, Richard303:18:04
60-69MCanaday, Steve403:29:18
60-69MPofahl, Bill503:38:04
60-69MMeier, Paul603:46:03
60-69MMarshall, Robert704:02:48
60-69MFischer, Dave804:08:08
60-69MKirchner, Tom904:34:10
60-69MMiller, Andy1004:44:33
70+FPainter, Evelyn105:26:01
70+MYoungblood, Jerry103:54:34

Riders: 37
Raw Series Results: 2005, 2013, 2021

Note: Showing accumulated time for each rider that has completed two 5 mile, two 10 mile, a 40k, and two Hill Climb TT rides. Some years omitted due to variance in the season schedule.